Legrand is a multi-brand company offering industry specific professional solutions. Our global presence allow us to offer unique and innovative products and systems from other brands belonging to the Group.

Art d’arnould logo
Art d’arnould

In creating Art d’Arnould, the company is presenting a unique, exclusive series of switches blending design and technology and faithfully applying its exceptional know-how. Art d’Arnould, a worthy descendant of Europa and Silencieux, fits naturally into the Arnould product offer to provide top-quality solutions for prestigious installations.

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Bticino logo

Bticino, a division of the Legrand Group, is one of the most important manufacturers in the world in the field of low-voltage electrical equipment for living, working and production spaces, that integrate solutions for communication (audio and video door entry systems) and for the control of lighting, sound distribution, climate and safety. Bticino has created and diffused a culture of technological design projects that integrate aesthetics, comfort and extreme attention to the use of materials. 

BTicino’s collection today is based on a system of home & building automation where each component is designed to simplify and make managing everyday activities more flexible and economical.

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Cablofil logo

Cablofil is the world leader in wire mesh cable tray. It is the most tested and specified wire mesh cable tray system in the world with more than 150 000 kms installed worldwide since 1972. Cablofil satisfies the most stringent requirements in terms of mechanical performance and it is the fastest and most flexible system to install. 

The Cablofil system can be used for virtually all types of cables from low voltage datacomms to high-voltage mains cables.

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Whole Home Audio
Nuvo logo

Nuvo whole home audio systems guarantee an unparalleled listening experience, with wired and wireless distributed audio solutions specially designed to match incredible fidelity with the latest in streaming source variety and intuitive control. Easy to install, easier to enjoy, Nuvo systems are the perfect fit for any home.

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Vantage logo
Home Automation for luxury spaces

CVantage systems give homwowners unprecedented control over every facet of their lives at home. Keypads, touch screens, and remote access enable to activate, change or monitor the home systems from anywhere.

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Cablofil logo

The Zucchini Division of Legrand has one of the most comprehensive ranges of busbar power distribution systems on the market. From 25Amp lighting through to 6300 Amp high power systems including rising mains. Zucchini busbar systems are now widely used for power distribution both in industrial and commercial applications. To compliment their extensive range of busbartrunking systems, Zucchini can also offer a wide range of high-quality, environmentally friendly cast resin transformers from 160 KVA up to 16000. 

These products can be integrated with Legrand's three phase distribution brands to offer a complete power distribution solution.

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Estap logo

Estap is a specializes in enclosures for data communication equipment, utilising basic 19" racks, cabinets and accessories, to provide solutions for networking, servers, data centers, outdoor applications, industrial usage and telecommunication.

Estap utilises technological and flexible machinery to ensure a high manufacturing capacity and the highest standards of quality. Alongside the ERP/MRP system, a statistical control process is applied for overall quality management whilst meeting the high volume production needs.

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