Door Entry

Audio & Video door entry systems

Audio & Video door entry systems

Worldwide leader in the door entry systems market, the Legrand group provides a wide range of products and systems to guide you in your projects and to ensure security and comfort for everyone.

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Single Houses
Basic audio and video kits

- Solutions providing basic functions and plug-in power connections.
- Ideal for simple installations (eg. one-family home, villa…)
- The perfect solution to replace door bells by door entry phone

Expandible audio and video kits

- Solutions providing enhanced functions whilst allowing evolutions over time
- Ideal for customized or more complex installations (eg. house extension, two-family house…)

Houses, Buildings & Compounds

- Easy to install and configure
- Can be managed thru smartphone
- Made in Italy

2-wire system

- Easy-to-install, time-saving solutions offering maximum versatility
- Ideal for refurbishment
- Made in Italy

D45 system

- Highly performant solutions enabling long distance coverage and for a high number of apartments (up to 4000) to be equipped
- Integrated security functions inside the apartments and in public areas of the buildings