Floor System

Supply through the floor


Legrand’s floor and perimeter systems supply power and data in a multitude of environments. From commercial offices, to education, healthcare and industrial applications, we can help you to specify the right system - whatever your project.

Raised access floor system - SOLUFLEX

Ideal for quick installation and very easy reconfiguration.

Flush floor system

Flush floor trunking system combines robustness and flexibility allowing power and data distribution throughout concrete flush floors.
The most flexible trunking system for concrete floor facilitating frequent maintenance operations or any potential changes of floor box location. Different accessories allow quick installation and perfect integration into concrete floor.

Screed Floor System

Screed PVC and metal ducting are a quick and easy way to distribute power and data throughout screed floors.
Screed PVC and metal ducting are a quick and easy way to install power and data distribution in screed floors. This system is particularly robust and designed to support superior loads. Junction boxes and risers allow easy access when installing cables or for extensions. All the accessories are compatible with both PVC and metal ducting.

Floor Boxes

Choose from a comprehensive range of floor boxes for raised or concrete floors:
-Heavy Duty options for high frequented areas - ideal for shopping centres, car showrooms, exhibition halls, airports and more
-Lid can be removed for easier installation and is reversible
-Variety of covers to suit different types of floors - resistant to loads up to 3000N; flexible outlet exits so lids can be closed even when plugs are fitted 
-Compatible with Arteor power and data sockets
-65mm shallow floor box option for applications with limited space