LCS2 Cable Management & Wiring Accessories

The Network At Your Hand

With the new LCS² zone distribution boxes connected to the Arteor feedthrough sockets, the result is complete flexibility. The connections close to the workstation are centralised, copper and fibre optic are in a single box, etc. and the LCS² performances  are guaranteed.

Network within reach. On the wall with trunking, on the ceiling with columns, on the ground with floor boxes and desktop multi-outlet extensions or nearby with blocks and mini-columns. They are suitable for all work space configuration.

In the technical room, in a false ceiling or in the floor boxes and desktop multi-outlet extensions, it is necessary to identify the special networks at a single glance. Video surveillance, access control, adjusting the air conditioning, sensitive devices, etc. The Arteor LCS² sockets have a coloured cover, consistent with high-current sockets.

Wi-Fi access points can be fitted anywhere where unrestricted access to the computer network is required. They can be fitted just like the RJ 45 sockets and on any supports. The stability of performance and the durability of products are guaranteed.
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