My Home

A Complete Offer With A Unique Design


The My Home system by Legrand offers a complete integrated home automation solution with a unique design for individual homes and condominiums. The system is based on bus and radio technology, which makes subsequent installation upgrades easier. Different users interfaces allow to automate and centralize individual functions, such as lighting, roller shutters and thermostats.

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House management System

With Legrand home multimedia network users can enjoy distributed audio and video around the house as well as access to computer and telephone networks wherever needed.

Custom-made living scenarios are spread throughout the home and can be programmed according to your tastes and habits. The touch screen allows you to control all your systems in the home: lighting, temperature, roller shutters, sound system or alarm system. It offers numerous possibilities with a particularly navigation system, in the form of icons.

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Lighting Control

The lighting control system allows the management of different functions in a simultaneous and integrated way. All the components of the lighting control system are interconnected via an electronic circuit that can be programmed according to the user preferences.

Roller shutters control

The BUS/SCS or Radio/ZigBee My Home automation system allows users to manage motor-driven shutters with other home automation functions in the different scenarios.

Sound System

The stereo Sound System provides sound selection and control, so that high quality sound may be sent to several rooms at the same time. Thanks to the various available audio/video mixer, it will be possible to choose between mono and multichannel systems.

The sound System consists of amplifiers and loudspeakers, perfectly integrated with the electric system, that enable listening both to the HI-FI system and the integrated FM radio source.

Temperature Control - HVAC

The temperature control system can be integrated for the management of the temperature in the different zones of the house, using Touch Screen, Multimedia Touch Screen and Video Display. Using the function, the user can decide the temperature of each individual room based on its use and the time of day.

Furthermore, is it possible to select the rooms that are not being used, and therefore do not need to be headed. The activation of the system also takes into account the heat produced by the sun.

Energy Saving

These allow the consumption of electricity, water and gas to be monitored on one single screen. The data collected by the measuring interfaces is transmitted via the BUS/SCS to the 3.5" touchscreen which displays all consumption in figures or in histograms. The electrical consumption indicator can monitor 3 different circuits and it is possible for several of them to be installed. Water and gas consumption readings are taken using a pulse counter interface. The information is stored in the memory for one year, hour by hour.