Protection devices

Efficient Protection

Efficient Protection

The full range of legrand protection equipment delivers an efficient and powerful solution against electrical faults anywhere in the installation.

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DMX3-ACBs - Air circuit brakers

• Optimized performance up to 6300 A
• Precise and user friendly LCD tripping units
• Fast clipping control accessories
• Connection : maximum adaptability
• Continuity of service and increased safety
• XL³ fully adaptable enclosure

DPX3 & DPX - MCCB Molded case circuit breaker

The new DPX3 MCCBs offer an optimized range, a wide selection of versions and characteristics, innovative functions and the same depth from 16 to 250 A
• 2 sizes of unit: DPX³ 160 and DPX³ 250
• 5 breaking capacities: 16, 25, 36, 50 and 70 kA
• Thermal-magnetic protection across the whole of the DPX³ range and electronic version available on DPX³ 250
• MCCB only, with residual current protection or with integrated measurement.
• Available in a plug-in version using mounting bases

Modular Devices
DPX - Circuits up to 1600 A

• 3 sizes of unit: DPX 250, DPX 630 and DPX 1250/1600
• 3 breaking capacities: 36, 50 and 70 kA
• Thermal-magnetic protection up to 1250 A and electronic protection available across the whole of the DPX range
• MCCB only, or with add-on module or residual current relay and cores according to the rating.
• Available in plug-in or draw-out versions using mounting bases and "debro-lift" mechanisms

New TX3 range


Legrand’s new TX³ range provides effective protection against short-circuits, overloads and residual current faults. The range, which comprises thermal magnetic circuit breakers and residual current devices and is complemented by numerous control and signaling auxiliaries, ensures safety, ruggedness and a high build quality for your installations.
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DX3 MCBs and RCBOs
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DX3 RCCBs and earth leakage modules
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Other modular devices
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DCX-M range offers a high level of security and reliability particularly adapted for the most demanding environments and guaranteed by its electrical and mechanical performance.

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Changeover switches from 40 to 1600A

Moulded case design with frame parts of non – flammable glass fibre reinforced polyester with high mechanical and electrical track resistance and with low water absorption.

Knife – type contacts with  self – wiping action on the contact surface, providing: increased contact pressure under heavy starting currents or with short - circuit conditions.

Four breaking points per pole with two double – break contacts


There are requirements for control and protection of motors in all sectors: heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial buildings, pumps, compressors, conveyors and machines in industrial buildings, etc.

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⦁ High breaking capacity and type 2 coordination for an optimum service level.
⦁ Trip class 10.
⦁ Sensitive to phase loss.
⦁ Can be fixed on 35 mm DIN rail or using screws.
⦁ Easy combination with CTX³ 3-pole contactors.
⦁ Complete range of control and signalling auxiliaries and accessories.

⦁ Compact.
⦁ High mechanical and electrical endurance for maximum reliability.
⦁ 3-pole and 4-pole contactors.
⦁ Screw terminals or cage terminals.
⦁ Complete range of auxiliaries and accessories.
⦁ Standard and residual current version thermal relays;

⦁ The 4-pole version of CTX³ contactors is available from 20 to 900 A (AC-1).
⦁ CTX³ de 20 à 900 A (AC-1).
⦁ Conform to IEC 60 947-1, IEC 60 947-4-1
⦁ Can be equipped with add-on auxiliary contact blocks, time delay blocks (except CTX³ 4P from 165 A to 900 A), and CTX³ interlocking.

Electrical Energy Metering

Measurement, metering and display via e-communication


In addition to electricity meters, measurement control units and new protection devices (DX³ or DPX³), Legrand has developed an e-communication infrastructure which displays information for users on reactive power consumption, voltage disturbance, harmonic distortion, etc. according to the type of building (low consumption/high environmental quality, or refurbished)


- PC 
- Smartphone (iPhone, Android) 
- TV with web browser 
- Tablet computer (iPad, Archos, etc.) with web browser