The range of cover plates which reveals your personality and reinvent your home

The Vela collection is available in 26 Finishes and materials

Choose the right shape for your environment: Vela Tonda and Vela Quadra; the range of cover plates which reveal your personality and reinvent your home.
You can choose exactly the right cover plate for your taste, with the shade of colour and type of material that you like best. Surface an dlight effects, with materials which are sensational to the touch.

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True gentleness has no corners

A cover plate which is soft and rounded yet retains its elegance. It‘s ideal for a sophisticated and welcoming home

Simple lines, youthful and modern

A Flexible shape and perfect for any environment.

Shiny Look

Two solutions made of satin-finish brushed metal in brilliant gold and aluminium colours. They lend themselves to a modern, youthful décor marked by leading edge design, yet their rounded form also works well in classical, less stylized environments

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Intense and Bright Colours

The power of colour becomes an integral part of your home and defines its character. The lively tones can offer a contrast to enrich sober and minimalist spaces, or add emphasis to fashionable and original interior decoration

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Soft, delicate colours for a sophisticated home.

A pastel embrace for your space with delicate, shimmering reflections. For a soft, velvet atomosphere, where the dreamy and the material coexist in perfect harmony.

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Technical style, nature elegance

The original pastel finishes bring out the sensory feel and grain of the wood. Technical design and natural elegance combine to enrich furnishings featuring a minimalist, geometric use of wood

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