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Legrand design History & Values | Legrand Lebanon

A Journey Through Our Past

Design has always been an essential part of Legrand's DNA. Designing effective shapes, producing pragmatic products to meet everyday needs... improving everyday life through design: a decidedly founding idea. From products to collections, the story is enriched by the passing of time, emerging needs and new habits.

Our history


Our values

Square & Circle. Our primary shapes.

Imagine the foundations of our brand as a solid base, a square. its vital impetus, its raison d'être, is the circle. dynamic, in motion, lively. 

We aspire to create a timeless and human design. Our success is rooted in the quality of our products and the transparency of our processes. Open to the world and attentive to others, we are creating for a sustainable world guided by pragmatism.


Design DNA

Universal innovation

We offer innovative products accessible to everyone. Solutions that you will find truly useful. 

Clever solutions

 Every detail is meticulously designed to make you feel, "this product was designed for me!".

Human design

Our subject is you. Our ambition: to carefully develop our products that inspire in return. 

Discovery more about Legrand's world of design.


Design Legrand - Our values

At the centre of our creativity: people, and their daily lives. We design smart, technically advanced solutions to improve lives

Drawing powerful shapes, producing pragmatic solutions to everyday needs… improving daily life through design: this is our foundation.

Legrand design team