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Multimedia network | Legrand Lebanon

What is the point of a home connection centre ?

The home connection centre is suitable for new digital applications which require excellent connection quality, either via Wi-Fi or wired. It allows you to watch television (HD DTT, cable, satellite) and make phone calls (analogue or digital) while minimising the risk of interference. The home connection centre can also be used to watch movies in VOD (Video On Demand) or stream them from the internet, or even to play networked video games at super-fast speeds*. All your mobile devices (phones, tablets, video game consoles, laptops) will easily be able to connect to the Wi-Fi, without risk of saturation. *Depending on the speeds offered by your ISP.


Which multimedia sockets should be installed?

You should at least install shielded Category 6 RJ 45 communication sockets. We also talk about multimedia sockets or Ethernet sockets. Simply plug your multimedia devices (TV, computer, games console, phone, etc) into these RJ 45 sockets which should then be connected to the home connection centre with special cables.


Interconnected devices

Finally, you can use the home connection centre to install a private data network in order to connect multimedia devices and home computers to one another, download large files quickly, access the printer from any room or share pictures and videos in just a few clicks.