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Italian standard | Legrand Lebanon

Wiring Devices in Italian Standard

Bticino lines in Italian standard. Technology and design within reach of your home and in all spaces. Discover the ideal materials, shapes and functions for your project.

Classia bticino


A unique and complete traditional offer and smart home solutions with all the modular system. 

A modern pure shape, defined by an accurate outline which contrasts with a gently curved surface. The frame gives a unique touch to your switch.



Axolute or the new way to design the electrical system. Ideal solution for all prestigious contexts, Axolute combines technology and design in every detail.



Mátix, the most versatile line for the most demanding requirements.

Plates with finishes for different installation requirements and possibility of installation in environments exposed to the weather, with a complete range of functions.

5 collections for a very personal style perfectly in keeping with contemporary style trends.



Living Light, satisfies all kinds of aesthetic taste:
From the minimalist to the sophisticated, from the traditional to the maximum innovation.

Living Light is the perfect combination of design and technology.

With its design cover plates and the richness of its technological offer, Livinglight allows you to create systems in any environment.

Italian Standar





Living Light

Living Light