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MCBs, ACBs & MCCBs | Legrand Lebanon

Circuit breakers, open and/or automatic switches ensure the protection, control and service continuity of low voltage installations in tertiary or industrial environments, thanks to their protection units. They fully comply with safety and energy management standards.


DRX: Robust design, reliability and safety

The DRX range includes many accessories that facilitate wiring and installation and allow remote triggering, time savings during installation and enhanced safety. The circuit breakers are easily positioned and removed from the DIN rail with the adapter.


For switching, control, isolation and protection of low-voltage electrical lines

Can be fitted with auxiliaries:

  • Supplied with:
    • M5 terminal for In ≤ 50 A and M8 range for In > 50 A
    • Fixing screws
    • Insulating shields (2 for 3P and 3 for 4P)
  • Fixed thermal and magnetic
  • Conform to IEC 60947-2, in compliance with NEMA

RX³, TX³ and DX³ MCBs

Legrand offers a range of thermomagnetic switches, differentials and accessories adaptable to din rail for all applications that require high performance, especially in the tertiary and industrial sectors.

MCBs and RCBOs, RCCBs and add-on modules, control and signalling auxiliaries, an extensive range of DIN rail mounting devices boasting a multitude of functions, suitable for all types of site.

  • Conform to IEC 61008-1
  • AC type : detect AC component faults
  • A type : detect AC and DC component faults
  • Compatible with prong-type and fork type supply busbars
  • Do not accept auxiliaries

DMX³: ACBs up to 6300 A

Air circuit breakers (ACBs) up to 6300 A.

• Available with three breaking powers: 50, 65 and 100 kA.
• Fixed and removable, they must be equipped with electronic protection units.

Complete range of accessories for DMX3

• Control and signaling auxiliaries, blocking and connection accessories.
• Automation control unit and mechanical lock for network inverters.

Conform to IEC 60947-3



DPX³ MCCBs are available in a wide range of ratings, versions, with innovative characteristics and functions, from 16 to 1600 A.


  • Moulded case MCCBs for switching, control isolation and protection of low voltage electrical lines
  • Can be fitted with auxiliaries
  • Can be used with earth leakage modules or with residual current relays
  • Supplied complete with:
    • fixing screws
    • connection plates for bars
    • insulated shields (phase barriers)
  • Conform to IEC 60947-2 - Sealable adjustment
  • Can be mounted on plate in XL³ cabinets and enclosures