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MyHome control units | Legrand Lebanon

MyHome control units

Your Customer will easily control all the home functions directly from the App, with any mobile device.

Data center

MyHOME BUS home automation: technology that makes sense

By choosing MyHOME BUS, you are opting for versatile, practical solutions which can control any electrical equipment and provide a more comfortable, safer and more environmentally-friendly home. Lighting controls, roller shutter automation devices, thermostats, energy management units… whatever your project, there is a home automation solution to suit your needs and your budget. As a bonus, the BUS wiring offers freedom and flexibility of installation.


Racks and cooling

Intelligent control of the home

MyHOME BUS home automation also includes advanced communication and control functions for centralised management and smart control of electrical equipment. This equipment can be controlled:
- locally via the 7” HOMETOUCH touch screen,
- locally or remotely with the MyHOME_UP app.

At the heart of this smart system is the MyHOME Server1 server: it provides the connection between installation components.


The 7” HOMETOUCH touch screen

With the colour HOMETOUCH touch screen, you can control lights, shutters, temperature, the NuVo sound system, or even cameras from a single point. It can also be used to create scenarios and can be used as a door entry system!


An innovative, intuitive app

The MyHOME_Up app can be used to interconnect all the electrical appliances in the home and quickly commission the home automation system. No more software! Once commissioning is complete, the app is automatically ready for the customer: they can manage the installation at any time (from home or remotely), create personalised scenarios and configure an alert or email system to receive information. Downloadable for free from the App Store and Google Play, the app can be used on smartphones and tablets.


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