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Motor protection & control | Legrand Lebanon


MPX³ motor protection circuit breakers up to 100 A

Maximum efficiency in a smaller space. With just 4 case sizes, the MPX³ range of circuit breakers offers uncompromising performance and functionality for protecting motors up to 100 A.


CTX³ contactors and RTX³ thermal relays - 3 poles up to 800 A

For controlling circuits up to 800 A. A comprehensive range of ratings, control voltages, auxiliaries and accessories and full compatibility with MPX³ circuit breakers and RTX³ thermal relays.


CTX³ contactors - 4 poles up to 900 A

CTX³ contactors are also available in a 4-pole version from 20 to 900 A (AC1). Conforming to standards: IEC 60 947‑1, IEC 60 947‑4‑1. They can be equipped with auxiliary contact blocks, a time-lag module (CTX³ 4P 40 to 135 A) and an interlock module.