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Proudly made in egypt | Legrand Lebanon

Bticino - Legrand factory in Egypt

Combination of quality and value. The Bticino-Legrand Egypt factory has two main production lines: for the local market and to meet the demands of the international market. With exports mainly to other countries in Africa, Europe and Latin America.

location bticino egypt factory

Bticino's factory in Egypt, located in Sadat city, with 17025 m2,  has more than 400 employees on site. 

Internal Production Processes​:

  • Injection ​
  • Laser​
  • Tempo printing​
  • Assembly​
  • Packing 
bticino egypt factory

High quality and safety standards

The factory, with more than 30 years of operations is characterized by high quality and safety standards. The local production replicates 100% the final result generated by our other Legrand factories in Europe (France and Italy, for example). 

Bticino - Legrand factory in Egypt has international and national product certificates: ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018.

Our products have been tested and certified by: 

  • National Research Centre (NRC)
  • Housing and Building National Research center (HBRC)​
  • Extra High Voltage Research Center (EHV-RC)​
  • Cairo University​
  • Group Labs in France, Italy & Hungary
bticino egypt factory

Proudly made in Egypt

Some of the outstanding lines proudly produced in the country are: 

Local market:

  • Wiring devices: Matix Edge, Forma Max, Solida, Magic.
  • Power & Protection: MCB, Safety Breaker, Fuse switch.
  • Complementary Products: New Magic Box, Duton, Lamp Holder. 

International market: 

  • Wiring devices: Neptune, Kaptika, Forix, Niloe.
Efforts to reduce environmental impact

Efforts to reduce environmental impact

Additionally, new types of packaging have been incorporated to replace the use of plastic in packaging and instead use paper, with the clear purpose of joining efforts at all levels of production to Efforts to reduce environmental impact. Over the last few years, new manufacturing methodologies, raw material use and now packaging have been incorporated to optimize resources. 

A protected team is a motivated team

A protected team is a motivated team

Legrand's employees, specialists, technicians and engineers are trained to comply with safety regulations in the workplace and reduce occupational accidents. There is an integrated plan that promotes good workspace practices and incident procedures. 

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