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Datacenters performance | Legrand Lebanon

In the era of cloud computing, the development of data centers continues to grow but the needs are evolving. From the necessity to use a complete infrastructure sharing facilities in complete security and at a reduced cost, the data center adapts to your real needs. To ensure that your infrastructure operates smoothly over time, our designed solutions and high performance products and systems will guarantee you efficient operation regardless of the environment in which the systems are installed and used. 

Data centers are sensitive, energy-intensive spaces with changing needs, and house servers with important computer data. Guaranteeing their flexibility, efficiency and reliability is thus the assurance of a durable and efficient infrastructure in all circumstances. 



Totally dry design, the batteries integrate capacitors elaborated to last and resist to the constraints of the electrical networks: overvoltages, harmonic pollution... whose tolerance is largely superior to the standards (U max=1,18 Un permanently). The lifetime of the compensation system is thus increased.


Given the number of digital links in a data center, it is important to ensure the durability of existing installations and to avoid the collateral damage that can result from changes in cabling. As the world leader in cable routing, Legrand has developed solutions dedicated to the data center that ensure compliance with the permissible bending radii for copper and fiber optic data transmission cables, protection of cables when they are laid or replaced, and compliance with hot and cold air flows.


0 DEFECT SYSTEM Legrand's innovative LCS³ range offers you: 25 Gbit/s and 40 Gbit/s Ethernet BASE-T solutions with copper technology, 40 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s Ethernet solutions with fiber optic technology. They ensure a perfect connection in just a few seconds, for excellent performance links from the patch panel to the workstation!