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Automatic transfer switch control units | Legrand Lebanon

Automatic transfer switch control units

The new range includes 4 types of control unit, depending on the desired service level and the complexity of the installation. The new control units can be used to set the conditions for supply inversion, switching a generator on or off. For single-phase, two-phase and three-phase systems. Used to control phase-to-neutral and phase-to-phase voltage. Compatible with DPX3 MCCBs, DMX3 air circuit breakers and CTX3 contactors.

Data center

Multi-environment solutions

Automatic transfer switch control units help meet the two-fold need for continuity of service and increased safety.

They are traditionally used in hospitals, public buildings, continuous production processes, airports and military applications.

We have noted, however, that they are increasingly required in new applications such as telecommunications and data processing, or in the management of energy sources, and particularly in the renewable energy sector.


Racks and cooling

A high-performance range for optimum continuity of service

The new range includes 4 types of automatic control unit, depending on the desired service level and complexity of the installation: advanced management of 3 circuit breakers, advanced management of 5, 3 or 2 circuit breakers, or standard management of 2 circuit breakers.

Designed for single-phase, two-phase and three-phase systems, automatic control units can be used to set the conditions for automatic transfer switching and starting or stopping a generator. They also control phase-to-neutral and phase-to-phase voltage.

They are compatible with DPX³ MCCBs, DMX³ ACBs and CTX³ contactors.

Micro data center

Designed for convenience

With a stylish, ergonomic design, each automatic control unit has numerous features which make it easier to use: backlit screen for ease of reading, clear marking for easy identification of the various functions, parameter setting directly on the appliance via touch-sensitive buttons, optical port on the front for quick connection to USB or Wi‑Fi modules, etc.

Truly turnkey solutions benefiting from an intuitive user interface, these units make it easier to design your projects and install and configure products!

Structured cabling

Dedicated accessories

Legrand automatic control units benefit from a high-performance range of accessories.

The power supply module can reduce the number of components and make the installation safer.

Extension modules, once installed at the back of configurable units, can be used to increase the number of inputs or outputs, and also add a communication function.

Finally, USB and Wi-Fi connectors make it easy to set the parameters of configurable units via a computer, tablet or smartphone, without having to cut off the power to the electrical cabinet

Power distribution

Your installation in just a few clicks

Thanks to the dedicated configuration software, you can perform lots of actions remotely:

  • Display the values measured by the control units
  • Control certain functions (such as counter resetting)
  • Configure units and make a copy in the form of a back-up file
  • View current alarms
  • Consult the event log, with the option of saving a copy

The software is available for download via the Legrand e-catalogue. It is also available from your Play Store or the Apple Store!


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