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Legrand Training Program

Know more about the different free training options offered by Legrand. A program present in more than 100 countries where Legrand is located. More than 1,000,000 people trained globally.


Knowledge connects us!

We work together to improve the implementation of electrical and digital projects

For almost 100 years Legrand has been driving its Global training program. It is aimed at electricians, engineers, architects, integrators, specifiers, etc. 
For the initial levels of training, Legrand seeks to support the training of professionals who promote safe electrical installations, following the international and local regulatory frameworks (of each country), to promote safe in residential, commercial and industrial spaces.


For the specialized levels, we seek to strengthen knowledge in new technologies in automation systems, energy distribution in large projects, channeling systems, data centers and building automation.
Our commitment is to create spaces of knowledge in each country where we are present to provide our support in electrical and digital systems that are safe, flexible and improve the lives of users and workers behind these implemented solutions.
All training provided by Legrand specialists are completely free of charge.

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Presential Training

Activities that take place mainly at the Legrand training center.  Activities can also be scheduled in external spaces of partners or institutions.

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Online Training

Training in live or pre-recorded webinar format available on a virtual platform offered by Legrand. 

Main training topics

Training levels


Level 1: Conferences and workshops

Presentations on topics of general interest to the sector, in which Legrand specialists or guests from other institutions, national or international, may participate as speakers. Duration approximately 1 h.


Level 2: Training to commercial teams

Training for distributors and business partners to get to know more in depth the solutions and products offered. Competitive advantages, attributes.


Level 3: Practical lab activities

Practical training in the laboratory. They consist of practical execution on the spot with manual exercises, usually from 1 day to more.


Level 4: Partner Certifications

Legrand Partners Certification Program. In this type of training a commercial strategic alliance is created in which the Legrand partner becomes an official installer of our solutions to bring the best experience to customers.

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Legrand Training Center

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