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Industry Solutions

To ensure the best performance of their production, factories performing complex processes require stable, high-performance solutions that can guarantee ideal service continuity. These solutions must allow rapid reconfiguration of installations, simplifying the inclusion of new equipment and facilitating maintenance operations. Obviously, ensuring the safety of operators working on the installation is a key priority. All Legrand products are designed to meet these different requirements, adapting to the specific needs of each industry and environment, even the most extreme.


Long-term performance

The electrical installations in an industry are as varied as the industry itself, its processes and needs. Legrand products ensure the long-term competitiveness of the industry, providing sustainable, hygienic and safe solutions that comply with the mandatory regulations of each business sector. 

Whether for the process area, areas with extreme environments or technical rooms, Legrand has the necessary products for all the activities of an industry.


Easy reconfigurations

In industrial environments, power distribution networks need easy and fast adaptations. Cable management requires products that meet these requirements, combining ease of installation and flexibility, while ensuring safety.

  • Cablofil's open structure minimizes dust accumulation.
  • Adaptable boltless system

Personalized energy distribution

Our solutions meet any need and any level of requirement. Our standard panels and industrial components adapt to various environments, without restrictions and even for the most severe conditions.

  • Standard panels
  • Industrial Components
  • Switchgear in Molded Enclosures

Modern solution for power distribution

The duct bar to distribute medium or large powers, to feed lighting fixtures in warehouses, buildings and industrial areas, where the speed of assembly offers tangible benefits. Legrand's dry transformers reduce maintenance costs.

  • Bus duct
  • Dry transformers

Safety in the industry

Evacuation routes with emergency luminaires adapted for industrial spaces. Equipment protection and service continuity with UPS.

  • Emergency luminaires
  • UPS 
  • Fire protection

Legrand solutions for the food and beverage industry



Discover the documentation of all Legrand products that best suit your residential, commercial, industrial and other projects.

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Legrand Industrial Solutions

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Energy Efficiency

Let's be part of the change together. We can build energy-efficient projects and reduce the impact on the environment. By choosing Legrand solutions, you are promoting the responsible use of energy.

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Our projects

Legrand has solutions for any kind of project. Discover here details about Legrand's reference projects related to all markets: hotels, data centers, hospitals, residential and more.


This page presents the Legrand products that are part of a complete system to meet the needs that an industry may require. 
Legrand solutions generate a higher performance in production, stable and optimal performance that can be exposed to different extreme environments and have the flexibility to adapt to each industry. Considering that they meet the international norms required by each industry. 
The products not only guarantee safety and efficiency, but also uninterrupted system operation.