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Alpibloc fixed capacitor banks | Legrand Lebanon

Alpibloc fixed capacitor banks

Alpibloc is an Alpivar² capacitor with built-in circuit breaker. Assembly fitted and wired in an IP 31 - IK 05 box or cabinet. Equipeent supplied ready for connection, for fixed compensation of low and medium power electrical devices For certain applications (remote control, etc.) the certain breaker can be replaced by a contactor and HRC fuses. Conform to EN and IEC 60831-1 and 2 standards.

Data center

Alpibloc Range

Standard type - 400 V-50 Hz - Max 470 V - Harmonic pollution: 15% ≤ SH/ST
Catalogue numbers

H type - 400 V-50 Hz - Harmonic pollution: 15% < SH/ST ≤ 25%
Catalogue numbers

SAH type - 400 V-50 Hz- Harmonic pollution: ≥ 25%
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