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Alpivar³ vacuum technology capacitor | Legrand Lebanon

Alpivar³ vacuum technology capacitor

Alpivar³ patented capacitors are totally dry units with no impregnation or insulation liquid. They are designed by assembling individual single-phase coils, coupled in a delta arrangement to obtain a three-phase unit. The coils are produced from two films of polypropylene with zinc plating on one side: - The metal plating forms the electrode. - The polypropylene film forms the insulator. All coils are then coated under vacuum into self-extinguishing thermoset polyurethane resin which forms the casing, providing mechanical and electrical protections.

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Specific technique to alpes technologies: vacuum technology capacitor

Alpes technologies' unique vacuum potting technique ensures that Alpivar³ capacitors have :
- Excellent resistance over time
- Much longer service life than conventional units

The unit complies fully with environmental protection requirements



Alpivar³ capacitors meet all user requirements

Modobloc or modular
The modular solution , with its quick, easy assembly, can be used to create units with different power ratings, resulting in a sigificant reduction in storage costs for intergrators and local distributors.

Compact form making it easy to install
This form reduces thes costs of cabinets and racks.
The casing is particulary resistant to all solvents and atmospheric agents.
The Alpivar³ capacitor is ideal for installations :

  • In corrosive atmospheres
  • Outdoor use

Summary of technical characteristics

Double insulation or class 2 : no earthing needed, provides total safety for personnel.
Totally dry (no added oil) : no risk of leakage or fire, may be installed in all positions.

Self-extinguishing polyurethane resin casing : highly robust, compact, non-corrosive, outdoor installation possible on request.

Monobloc or modular : with copper connections between the various elements (risk of corrosion, loosening or overheating totally eliminated).

Coils coated under vacuum (specific to Alpivar) : the absence of air and humidity around the coils guarantees Alpivar's high quality.

Internal electrical protection for each coil using :

  • self-healing metallized polypropylene film
  • electrical fuse
  • over pressure disconnecting device


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