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CTX³ industrial contactors | Legrand Lebanon

CTX³ industrial contactors

There are requirements for control and protection of motors in all sectors: heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial buildings; pumps, compressors, conveyors and machines in industrial buildings, etc. Legrand’s new motor circuit breakers, contactors and thermal relays provide a response for all these applications. Their high performance levels, perfect complementarity, compact size, ease of mounting, wide range of auxiliaries, etc. make them suitable for installation in all distribution boards and control enclosures.

Data center

CTX³ 3-pole contactors up to 800 A (AC 3)

A perfect solution for switching motors and controlling circuits for the most demanding applications.

Main characteristics:

  • Connection plates for bars or lugs
  • Pre-fitted auxiliary contact blocks (2 per contactor). Additional auxiliary contact blocks can be fitted on the right or left of the contactors
  • IP 2X screw terminals up to 40 A, screw or cage terminals from 50 to 150 A 
  • Integrated auxiliary contacts


Racks and cooling

RTX³ thermal relays up to 800 A

RTX³ thermal relays provide protection against overloads, long starting times and prolonged stalling of the motor.

Main characteristics:

  • Trip indicator
  • Off/test button
  • Thermal protection trip threshold setting
  • Reset button and mode selector: automatic (A)/manual (H)
  • Sealable protective cover
  • Integrated auxiliary contacts (1NO+1NC)
  • IP20 terminals

Compact motor starters

RTX³ thermal relays can be used to create motor starters from 0.1 A to 800 A in conjunction with contactors ranging from the mini CTX³ to the CTX³ 800.


Mini CTX³: ultra-compact solution up to 16 A

With their compact size, mini CTX³ contactors are easily integrated in control or distribution boards for switching motors, lighting and heating circuits up to 16 A.

Main characteristics:

  • DIN rail mounting or using screws 
  • IP 2X screw terminals
  • Integrated auxiliary contact (3P only)
  • A1 and A2 power supply terminal block

4-pole CTX³ contactors

CTX³ contactors are available in a 4-pole version from 20 to 900 A (AC 1).

Can be equipped with auxiliary contact blocks, a time-lag module (except CTX³ 4P 165 to 900 A) and a CTX³ interlock module.


Accessories for all applications

Thanks to a wide range of accessories, CTX³ contactors can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Switching capacitor banks
  • Transfer switch
  • Motor reversing
  • Time delay motor starter
  • Control unit, etc


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