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Wireless power solutions | Legrand Lebanon


Cordless charging: anywhere, in complete freedom

At home, at work, when travelling… our smartphones are an integral part of life and need regular charging to get the best performance from them. Thanks to Legrand wireless power chargers, you can forget about carrying cords around: enjoy total flexibility. They are aimed at everyone and can be installed in any configuration (residential or commercial, new-build or refurbishment). Always handily available, with no connection constraints, users can enjoy their great convenience and the independence of always having a charged phone.

High-performance technology

Legrand wireless power chargers conform to the QI WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) standard: they are guaranteed to work with wireless charging phones. Whether for private or professional use, horizontal or vertical, Legrand wireless power chargers can therefore be incorporated anywhere to charge smartphones equipped with a QI wireless charging receiver. Place the smartphone on the wireless stand: charging starts automatically. When no device is present, the charger does not consume any power.

On the wall (in a flush-mounting wiring accessory) or on a desktop multi-outlet extension

Plugged into a flush-mounted USB wall socket, the wireless power charger blends into any room in the house: hall, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Close to the workstation, it can be plugged directly into a desktop multi-outlet extension. It has 2 antennas for quick intuitive smartphone charging, and a USB Type-A port which can be used to charge another device simultaneously without affecting charging performance. Wall-mounting versions are available in Arteor, Valena, Niloé and Mosaic Programme finishes.