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Practibox S cabinets | Legrand Lebanon

Practibox S cabinets

A well-designed range. Ready to use cabinets from 4 to 72 modules.

Data center

A well-designed range

Well-designed, because it is compatible with installation practices throughout the world, allowing everyone to appreciate the ease of installation and wiring of its cabinets, while offering maximum user convenience and a wide range of sizes.

Also well-designed in that its cabinets are not afraid to be on show due to their attractive appearance designed for the residential sector, both houses and flats, and for the small commercial sector.

This ingenious range has numerous features which will seduce you, including Legrand’s well-known quality.


Racks and cooling

A very comprehensive range

Thanks to an extensive offer scope, Practibox S cabinets adapt to any configuration regardless of the type of installation (surface-mounted or flush-mounted). Impact and glow wire resistant up to 650°C or 850°C, they comply with all the criteria in the standard.

Practibox S cabinets are available with 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 and 22 modules per row and 1 to 4 rows.

They can be supplied without terminal blocks, equipped with earth terminal blocks or earth and neutral terminal blocks.


Flush-mounting cabinets: ease & speed

Whether for concrete, brick or dry partitions, Practibox S flush-mounting cabinets have been designed to simplify installation and wiring.

Their removable chassis allows wiring in the workshop, marking helps identify the screws to be used to fix the chassis or the cabinet faceplate and cut-out entries all around the box make it easy to insert cables or trunking.

They are an absolute boon on any site and what’s more, guarantee a perfect finish!


Surface-mounting cabinets: easier, faster wiring

An ideal solution for refurbishment, Practibox S surface-mounting cabinets have been designed with the aim of saving time while making it easier to do the wiring in greater comfort:

  • Their oblong holes allow vertical level adjustment
  • Their cut-out entries have been designed for feeding through trunking from the top or bottom, depending on the cabinet position
  • Cable tie supports can be used to optimise cable organisation

New packaging designed to simplify choice

The new packaging available throughout the range gives lots of clear information to simplify product selection.
The back of the packaging is pre-cut and can be used to protect the flush-mounting box during installation.


International E-catalog

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