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High efficiency HV/LV power transformers | Legrand Lebanon

High efficiency HV/LV power transformers

The Green T.HE Transformers comply with the EN 50588-1 Standard. They are designed and manufactured according to the Regulation 548/2014 of European Commission and the new Ecodesign guidelines 2009/125/CE. Legrand Green T.HE Transformers, designed and manufactured in accordance with new Regulation, ensure a consistent reduction in energy consumption, resulting in economic savings and the decrease of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere.

Data center

Maximum protection in standard or customised versions

With a range of power ratings from 100 to 3150 kVA, the standard range of Zucchini distribution transformers ensures optimum safety in all circumstances.

For special applications, opt for the customised range: it offers solutions up to 20,000 kVA.

These dry-type cast resin transformers do not require any additional masonry structure, making them practical and convenient right from the start of installation.


Racks and cooling

High efficiency with Green T.HE transformers

In addition to standard solutions, Legrand has developed a range of high efficiency transformers which can be used to obtain high energy efficiency and a smaller environmental footprint (fewer pollutants).

The Legrand Green T.HE offer gives you access to class AoBk, AoAk and AAoAk loss level solutions. The classification according to standard EN 50588-1 stipulates that the transformer with the lowest losses should be class AAoAk.


Reliable solutions

The transformers are manufactured using cutting-edge technological processes: this ensures users will benefit from lasting quality.

Standard options for protection and thermal management are employed depending on the specific needs of installations.


High level of safety guaranteed

Designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements stipulated by national and international standards, Zucchini transformers can work in any conditions.

Environmental class E2: they can be installed in environments with condensation and/or heavy pollution.

Climatic class C2: they can be transported and stored at temperatures down to -25°C.

Fire behaviour class F1: made of self-extinguishing materials, they can be installed in environments where there is a high risk of fire.


International E-catalog

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