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MyHome Play Radio control units | Legrand Lebanon

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Centralised management and remote control

Dim the lighting, lower the shutters, create a soundscape, etc. It’s crazy what you can offer your customers with MyHOME Play© switches! These switches and power sockets can be controlled remotely by a wireless system which is very easy to install. Any type of appliance connected to a MyHOME Play© smart power outlet can benefit from this centralised management: air conditioning unit, fan, Hi-Fi, garden watering system, etc. By programming the switches you can create use scenarios room by room or by type of appliance. A switch can for example control all the shutters on one floor or create a bright and cosy atmosphere.


Adapt to different audiences, tastes and lifestyles

The MyHOME Play© offer can adapt to any customer profile and lifestyle. While an older person might be attracted by centralised closing of the shutters via a single switch, someone more at ease with the digital world would happily tap away on their tablet to remotely control their home from their sofa. For business travellers, who are often far from home, it will be reassuring to be able to check which appliances are switched on from their smartphone and be able, if necessary, to control them, turning a light off or lowering the bedroom shutters for example. Conversely, when going on holiday, the house lights can be switched on remotely, at regular intervals, to make it look like somebody is at home… Locally or remotely, the MyHOME Play© wireless technology can thus optimise comfort, security, energy savings with the greatest of ease. And to satisfy all tastes, MyHOME Play© switches are available in five different ranges: Céliane, Mosaic, Niloé, Livinglight and Axolute.


Easy to install, easy to program

You can install MyHOME Play© in any type of home, both houses and flats, in new-build or older properties, without damaging the walls or pulling wires through. Installing the device starts with replacing switches and sockets with My HOME Play© models equipped with radio receivers and installing one or more extra-slim wireless transmitters. You then only need to create the radio network and design the use scenario. All your customer will need to do is download the MyHOME Play© mobile app from Google Play or the App Store to control their home remotely. A playful, intuitive app, which is completely free… The world of home automation and the connected home are now available to everyone with Legrand’s MyHOME Play©.