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Mosaic™ | Legrand Lebanon

Mosaic™, redesigned with you in mind

A new design and major innovations for all your projects, Mosaic has been revamped to offer even greater modularity and versatility. A wall-mounted and off-wall system which is more modular, more connected, even more robust and quick to install.

mosaic legrand

A redesigned line, contemporary colours

Mosaic™ is a confident signature that fits in anywhere: offices, shops, apartments and more. This range has been redesigned to respond to current building trends. A bi-material touch on the switch and push-button rocker plates echoes the plate and enhances the illuminated functions.However, Mosaic retains the features that have ensured its longevity and success: its format, its compatibility & its brilliant white colour.


Mosaic™, an unrivaled functional richness

Mosaic, with more than 250 functions, offers a wide variety of solutions: lighting, comfort and safety, multistandard connection, network , including the connected offer Mosaic with Netatmo.
The scalable & modular range meets all needs in terms of connectivity, dimensions, cabling capacity and finishes.

mosaic legrand

Easy-Led two-way-switch: The adaptable switch

Easy-Led two-way-switch is a 3-in-1 adaptable switch, which becomes a locator or an indicator with the dedicated light. A single mechanism for 3 different functions according to the user’s needs. Easy to assemble, the light plugs onto the front of the mechanism.

mosaic legrand

Mosaic™ installation supports

  • Columns & mini-columns: A perfect integration of Mosaic mechanisms in the column body.

  • Floor boxes: integrate perfectly in any type and style of floor and can be laid under any type of floor covering.

  • Trunking: practical and attractive, easy to install Mosaic snap-on trunking go-to-cable management system.


Mosaic, the benchmark choice

Solutions for all professional spaces


Educational establishments

The dual-technology infrared + ultrasonic lighting management sensor and Infrared lighting management sensor without neutral come on automatically according to the amount of natural light and whether or not people are present.


Doctors' surgeries

Switch the light on by simply passing a hand near the switch with the antimicrobial sensitive switch + antimicrobial plate. It contains a silver compound which prevents the growth of surface bacteria.



Shared offices

Socket with automatic terminals, prewired sockets, for multiple connections in columns and floor boxes, Soluclip sockets, for easy installation in trunking, colored sockets, etc.


Hotel room

2 functions at a single point: Innovative, compact and convenient socket, with USB Type-C charger integrated in the front so a smartphone can be charged while the socket remains in use. Supplied with support.




Meeting room

New 30 W USB Type-C universal charger optimises charging of power delivery devices, by saving on average 30 minutes on the charging time. The smartphone can be charged while the socket remains in use.


Conference room

The preterminated Type-A HDMI socket is used to transmit High Definition digital audio/video streams between a source and a compatible receiver. 4-contact Speakon socket are used to connect powered speakers for high-quality sound.