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P31 cable trays | Legrand Lebanon

P31: The innovative cable tray further, faster, easier


Solutions for any requirements

Available in solid or perforated sheet metal, the P31 cable tray offer exists in different versions to ensure you find the right answer to your specific requirements:

  • traditional coupling
  • automatic coupling
  • interlocking (male/female system)

Make your selection from the different finishes and sizes on offer: P31 cable trays guarantee you a reliable, lasting installation.



Total configuration flexibility

The ingenious P31 range has numerous accessories which offer maximum flexibility with the option of different configurations: convex and concave risers, 15°/30°/45°/90° bends, adjustable bends, tee with cover, vertical junctions, T-junctions, end pieces, etc.

It also comes with high-performance support solutions that offer a range of options: wall brackets, fixings for heavy loads, Strut rails, central suspension brackets, trapeze mounting systems, ceiling brackets, hangers, etc.

Speed of installation p31

Speed of installation

The new automatic coupler and male/female interlocking system have been designed to make it as easy as possible for installers to do their work and finish their sites faster. The automatic coupler is also designed for quick decoupling.

The interlocking P31 version (male/female), which only needs 2 to 4 screws on the junction, makes it easier to align lengths and the junction’s stability while the screws are tightened.

Available on the main cable management accessories, the innovative “Slide-in” system simplifies installation, independently of the lengths of cable tray used.


Robust, efficient, certified products

The excellent mechanical strength of the P31 range guarantees very high-quality installations.

It has successfully passed all the laboratory tests and complies with the requirements of the standards.

It conforms to standard IEC 61537 and is certified E 30/E 90 according to DIN 4102-12, which guarantees fire resistance and allows installation on construction sites such as road tunnels.


Brochure chemins de câbles P31
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Guide technique solutions chemin de câbles pour tunnels
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Brochure chemins de câbles pour infrastructures et bâtiments industriels
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P31: Cable Trays

Solutions for any requirements


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