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Arteor with Netatmo, connected life made easy | Legrand Lebanon


Arteor with Netatmo: A touch of Genius

Designed to make to make any house more individual, convenient and secure, Arteor with Netatmo adds a touch of smartness to your home. This modular, WiFi enabled collection of connected switches and socket outlets lets you shape your projects very easily to fit your individual requirements.


Put the Magic of IoT in your projects

These smart connected switches and socket outlets allow you to control your installation not only locally but also by smartphone or via voice commands. Think of Arteor with Netatmo as the first step to creating a connected home. Modular and adaptable, this smart solution allows you to start small and upgrade and extend over time.


Make your home truly yours

Customise functions according to just what you need: from central control of lights and roller blinds, to getting alerts about your home, tracking energy consumption and also creating scenarios to make life that much easier. Arteor with Netatmo adds a touch of smartness to your home.

Arteor with Netatmo helps you convince even sceptical customers of the benefits of a smart home: It doesn‘t take much time or effort to install, and subsequent changes are not a problem. Repositioning switches as the kids grow up, choosing a new combination of switches and sockets if the home office has to be converted into a child’s bedroom, adding new functions whenever domestic circumstances change – their smart home can easily be adapted to new chapters in life, changed priorities regarding the use of space or new requirements in terms of safety, comfort and functionality.


Arteor with Netatmo

How to create a connected installation with Arteor with Netatmo ?