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Plexo³ weatherproof cabinets | Legrand Lebanon

Plexo³ weatherproof cabinets

No constraints on your wiring: plenty of space inside the box

Data center

The performance of a flexible offer and no constraints on your wiring

With capacity from 2 to 72 modules, the IP 65/IK 09 weatherproof Plexo³ offer can meet myriad configuration needs. You can choose between 2 to 8-module cabinets with 1 row, 12-module cabinets with 1 to 3 rows and 18-module cabinets with 1 to 4 rows.

Plexo³ cabinets benefit from optimised cable runs and cable management for wiring without constraints: 45 mm space under rails, 150 mm space between rails so that vertical supply busbars can be used, 38 mm space at the side, cable management rings, removable chassis, rails which can be arranged in rows, etc.


Racks and cooling

Multifunction cable sleeve: maximum versatility

The multifunction cable sleeve allows you to install additional functions: 16 A and 32 A P17 Tempra Pro industrial sockets with standard fixing centres, flush-mounted IP 55 Plexo sockets, Osmoz control units, DIN rail at the back of the cable sleeve, etc.

Supplied with hinges connecting the cover to the back of the cabinet, it is fixed to 12 and 18-module cabinets using a joining kit.

Depending on your site requirements, you can fix the sleeve horizontally (12 or 18-module cabinets) or vertically (cabinets with 2 or 3 rows).


Direct access to the cabinet: bound to save you time

The ingenious design of Plexo³ cabinets saves you time during setup:

  • Knockouts on the side allow Plexo flush‑mounting mechanisms to be fitted directly (from 2-row version up)
  • ISO pierceable membrane glands mounted as standard (IP 65/IK 09 guaranteed with the cable inserted)
  • Cable entries which can be fitted with cable glands


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