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Overvoltages caused by lightning are responsible for 25% to 40% of all damage to equipment. If the transient overvoltages caused by other phenomena are added to this, close to 60% of all electrical damage could be avoided by installing surge protective devices (SPDs)*. This risk is increasingly included in international standards and national regulations. With its new SPDs, Legrand provides solutions suitable for all types of installation and all risk levels. * Depending on the country and type of installation. Source:insurance companies.

Data center

Essential protection

Overvoltages due to lightning are responsible for 25% to 40% of the damage caused to equipment. If we include transient overvoltages with other origins, this adds up to 60% of electrical damage that can be prevented by installing SPDs.
The whole Legrand SPD range conforms to the EN and IEC 61643-11 standards.

Every need has its solution:

  • SPDs without short circuit protection (T1+T2 and T2)
  • SPDs with integrated short circuit protection with MCBs (T2)
  • SPDs with integrated short circuit protection with fuses (T2+T3)


Racks and cooling

Safety & adaptability

1P+N and 3P+N SPDs with dedicated neutral pole protection are used to dissipate common and differential mode overvoltages that are likely to happen in installations with a TT and TNS system when there is a lightning strike.

In order to adapt to customs in different countries, they are available with neutral on the right-hand or neutral on the left-hand side.


Status indication

A cassette status indicator signals whether the SPD is working (green) or not working (orange): this makes it much easier to maintain the installation!



The improved ergonomics of SPDs make it easy to replace cassettes using the extraction handles.


Design & marking

The new design of SPDs, consistent with Legrand modular devices, benefits from dedicated marking.
Once installed in the board, the product is therefore easier and quicker to identify!


International E-catalog

Consult the technical characteristics of our products. Search by product code, name and category. (consult with your commercial advisor for stock availability).