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Soliroc™ | Legrand Lebanon

Soliroc™ Legrand Export

The choice of strength

A range dedicated to areas at risk or not under surveillance (gym, warehouse, public garden, public conveniences, shopping mall, premises with reserved access, etc), Soliroc is the result of stringent product design, validated by the harshest tests, resulting in three-fold resistance: - IK 10: maximum impact resistance (all the products are resistant to 20 joule impact) - IK 10: maximum tensile resistance (plate with curved shape to limit gripping) - IP 55: guaranteed weatherproofing on the main functions for an outdoor installation All products in the Soliroc Programme have passed tests with flying colours and guarantee maximum safety.

A panoply of essential functions

The Soliroc offer includes essential products required by any installation for control, connection (power/data), access control, or even signalling. Switches, push-buttons, lighting management sensors, time delayed switch, coded keypad or card reader, illuminated signs, lighting in corridors, power sockets, TV sockets, RJ 45 sockets, etc - all the essential functions are there!
Soliroc™ Legrand Export(

Fast, safe installation

As part of the Batibox Programme, Soliroc benefits from all Legrand’s experience and know-how, especially when it comes to simple, well-managed installation. Soliroc therefore has some outstanding features: a universal support for all snap-in mechanisms, solutions equipped with automatic terminals, the option of flush-mounting or surface-mounting, caps for covering over the fixing points, etc. With 1, 2 or 3-gang, vertical or horizontal installation options, Soliroc solutions offer a multitude of combinations to meet the requirements of all your projects.