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Energy Efficiency Europe | Legrand Lebanon

Legrand Group, your reliable partner for energy-efficient solutions

Legrand Group, your reliable partner for energy-efficient solutions

At Legrand, we are committed for a more sustainable world. We are acting collectively for a low-carbon society. Our ambition is built around a simple and hopeful purpose: to improve lives. For us, energy efficiency is not just about using less energy to perform the same task or produce the same result; it's also about performance, quality, reliability... and much more! Discover some of our future-proof solutions, easy to buy and simple to install, designed to help you manage your new and existing installations, in a more environment-friendly way. A comprehensive offering for daily applications around: measurement and energy management uninterruptible power lighting control heating control electric Vehicles charging Find out more below!

Measurement and energy management

Measurement and energy management

Our measurement and energy management solutions allow you to easily make your electrical installations more efficient:

  • energy savings: by enabling users to measure and visualize their energy consumption and to program appliances, Legrand modular solutions guarantee crucial energy savings
  • permanent control: with our connected solutions, energy management is possible any time, anywhere
  • regulations & certifications: with our electrical board equipment, meet the latest requirements and recommendations for energy-efficient electrical installation design
legrand energy efficiency

15% average energy savings brought by measuring plan following EN 12765

Energy efficiency

Uninterruptible power

Our Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) guarantee high quality supply and reduce energy waste:

  • energy savings: Legrand UPSs allow high and incremental performance with minimum energy dissipation
  • quality & protection: Legrand UPSs improve the quality of the power by ensuring uninterruptible service and protection of all devices performing functions that are critical to the business life of companies: cash register, modem...
  • regulations & certifications: our R&D team is constantly working to increase the durability of our UPSs follow the highest standard of EU code of conduct on energy efficiency

24/7 Energy always available for your connectivity!

Energy efficiency

Lighting control

Our lighting control solutions ensure lower energy consumption… and more!

  • energy savings: by reducing the amount of time lighting is left on unnecessarily, motion sensors are the perfect solution to master your lighting expenses
  • comfort & safety: movement detection ensures visual comfort and safety within buildings
  • regulations & certifications: considering motion sensors for passage areas ensures that you meet the latest regulations and certifications needs in terms of lighting control
Lighting Controls

Up to 40% energy savings thanks to the implementation of an automatic ON/OFF motion sensor according to EN15193 standard

Energy efficiency

Heating control

Our heating control solutions allow you yo optimise consumption and maximum confort:

  • energy savings: temperatures can be optimised in all premises, based on the use of the different spaces, in order to avoid energy waste
  • smart system: our solutions monitor and manage the temperature of all premises simply and timely, thanks to advanced functions
  • flexibility & comfort: heating control products allow precise temperature management in each space to meet specific needs

7% reduction in consumption for every 1°C decrease in temperature

Source: ADEME (French Agency for Ecological Transition)


Smarther with Netatmo | The connected thermostat

Energy efficiency

Electric vehicles charging solutions

Our charging solutions for electric vehicles ensure you control your consumption and charge smartly:

  • energy savings: our solutions provide adjustable power to meet the energy contract of the building and to optimise energy bills
  • comfort & safety: GREEN’UP is an innovative and intelligent system to manage high power charge and safety
  • regulations & certifications: our EV charging solutions are conform to IEC 61851-1 and EV READY compliant
Energy efficiency

18% to 60% CO2 savings in Europe for EV cars vs petrol powered cars (from manufacturing to end life cycle)


Green'up Premium - electric vehicle charging stations

Did you know? In 2022, by improving the energy efficiency of our plants and developing renewable energies, we have reduced the Group's scopes 1 and 2 emissions by 14.9%.

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Energy Efficiency Guide

Discover the Legrand solution for energy efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial spaces.